We offer a comprehensive range of clinics and services at the Heathbridge Practice. See below to get more details of these services, and to find out which health care professional you need to see.

Heathbridge Practice clinics and services
Facilities and services

Ante-natal care

We have a practice midwife, Sarah Jolly, who offers pre-conception advice, and routine antenatal care throughout your pregnancy.

All of the doctors also offer these services, and a full postnatal check 6 weeks after your baby is born. We are served by three local hospitals: Kingston, Chelsea and Westminster, and St Georges. Normally, once you have chosen your hospital, we will share your care with the hospital midwives.

For Kingston Hospital and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, you can now book on-line:

or through your GP.

Appointment for routine checks throughout your pregnancy can be made at a time to suit you, during normal surgery hours.

Baby clinic

This weekly clinic is run by a GP and one of our practice nurses. Your baby will have an 8 week developmental check, and receive the first set of childhood immunisations. Subsequent immunisations can be given by the nurse in any practice nurse clinic.

Tuesday 11-12.30

For routine checks of weight and development, and advice on feeding, see your Health Visitor at:

Eileen Lecky Clinic
2 Clarendon Drive SW15 1AA
Tel : 0208 788 2236

West Hill Children's Centre
4 Broomhill Road SW18 4HX
Tel: 0208 8709 9928

Sure Start
166 Roehampton Lane SW15 4HR
Tel: 0208 789 0572

Blood pressure (24hr monitoring)

This blood pressure monitor is worn by the patient over a 24 hr period, and can help us to get a more accurate assessment of your blood pressure. Your doctor will ask you to book an appointment with the health care assistant, if this is considered necessary for your treatment.

Blood tests

When a blood test is necessary, the doctor will complete from for you, indicating which tests are required. You can either:

  • book an appointment with our health care assistant – blood tests will need to be taken before 1pm
  • take your form to Queen Mary's Hospital where there is a walk-in pathology service. Opening times: Monday - Friday 08.30 – 16.45

Queen Mary's Hospital, Roehampton Lane SW15 5PN.

Telephone no: 0208 487 6000.

If you have been asked to have a fasting blood test, please do not eat or drink anything other than water from midnight the night before your test.

Cervical screening

A cervical smear test is advised for all women over 25 who are, or have been, sexually active:

  • Age 25 – 49 test every 3 years
  • Age 50 – 64 test every 5 years

Book an appointment with one of our practice nurses if you receive an invitation, or you think your test is due.

For more information, collect a leaflet from the surgery, or visit the website:

Chronic disease management

The Heathbridge doctors and nurses provide regular reviews to manage long-term conditions including:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Asthma
  • COPD
  • Epilepsy
  • Dementia


We have a visiting counsellor at the Heathbridge Practice. This service is provided by Wandsworth Psychological Therapies and Wellbeing Service. You can come and discuss a referral with your doctor, or you can self-refer by calling: 0203 513 6264.

Visit Wandsworth IAPT

Family planning

All our doctors and nurses can offer advice on all aspects of family planning and contraception. For first prescriptions of the contraceptive pill and depot injections, see your doctor. For repeat prescriptions of the contraceptive pill, or further depot injections, make an appointment with the practice nurse. Please note we will not issue repeat prescriptions for the contraceptive pill without seeing you. Dr Stephenson can see you to discuss and arrange coil fitting (IUD), including mirena.

For emergency contraception, phone reception for our nurse practitioner to assess your needs and arrange treatment.

Emergency contraception is also available over the counter from the Chemist. See your pharmacist for advice

Fresh start

For people with alcohol problems, this is run within the practice by a doctor and a specialist nurse. It is accessed by referral from a GP.

Health screening

Our health care assistant carries out routine new patient health screening, and also over-40s NHS health checks.

You may also like to book an appointment to discuss healthy living advice.


Our practice nurses can provide all the routine childhood and adult immunisations.

For travel vaccinations, please see the relevant section of the website.

Flu vaccination; Pneumococcal vaccination: every year we offer the seasonal flu, and pneumococcal vaccination to all our patients over the age of 65, and those with chronic conditions such as asthma or diabetes. This is normally available from the end of September, see updates nearer the time.

For up to date information about the current childhood immunisation schedule, please visit:

Interpreting service

If English is not your first language, and you feel you would benefit from an interpreter at your consultation, please let reception know on booking. They should be able to arrange for an interpreter to accompany you, within 24-48 hours.

Minor surgery

Dr Hallett and Dr Allen have minor surgery sessions at the practice. They can remove small lesions, lumps and bumps, but not for cosmetic purposes. Please make a routine appointment to see the doctor first to assess suitability.

Clinic times: alternate Friday mornings

Non-NHS services

Some services fall outside the NHS contract, and will attract a charge. These include:

  • Pre-employment medicals
  • Certificates of fitness
  • Private sickness certificates
  • GPs are no longer recommended for countersigning passport applications

The cost of these services is in line with British Medical Association guidance. Your GP should be able to give you an idea how much a particular service is likely to cost, dependent on what is required. For a rough guide, see a sample list here:

Access to medical records
A4 photocopy per page
A4 computer copy per page
Medical Report £29.50 - £87.50
Claim Form £29.50 - £61.50
DNA/Cellmark test kit £40.00
Fitness to Travel Certificate/Letter £29.50 - £61.50
Fitness to Exercise £29.50 - £61.50
HGV Licence £87.50
International Certificate of Vaccination £25
Pre-Employment Report £87.50
Private Medical Certificate £29.50 - £61.50
School Medical Report £87.50
Shot Gun Licence Form/Certificate £50.00
Signing Photograph to confirm identity £17.50
Travel Cancellation Certificate for Holiday Insurance £29.50 - £61.50

Sexual health

South West London Sexual Health Services

For further information please click here:


  • Falcon Road, 160 Falcon Road, Wandsworth, London SW11 2LN


  • Patrick Doody Clinic, 79 Pelham Road, Wimbledon, SW19 1NX
    • Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 1pm - 7.30pm
    • Tuesday 9.30am - 4.30pm (appointment only)
    • Saturday 10am - 12noon
  • Wide Way Medical Centre, 15 Wide Way, Mitcham, CR4 1BP
    • Monday 3pm - 7pm (appointment only)
    • Thursday 2.45pm - 4.45pm (young person’s walk-in clinic for under 20s)


  • Sheen Lane Health Centre, Sheen Lane, East Sheen, SW14 8LP
    • Tuesday 6pm - 8pm
  • Teddington Health and Social Care Centre, 18 Queens Road, Teddington, TW11 0LR
    • Wednesday 9am - 7.30pm
      • 8.45am - 10.30am specialist Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) clinic, including implant removal (appointment only)
      • 12noon - 3pm psychosexual counselling by GP referral
      • 5.30pm - 7.30pm walk-in nurse led contraception clinic
    • Thursday 6pm - 8pm
  • Young person’s walk-in clinic at Off The Record, 2 Church Street TW1 3NJ,

Referral to the service

Patients do not need a formal referral to the service with the exception of the psychosexual counselling service with referral required from a GP or a professional working with the sexual health service.

To direct patients to the service please ask them to call 0333 300 2100 (NB: this phone number will be live from 8am Tuesday 3 October) or provide the website address

The phone line will be manned from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and on Saturday mornings; plus it will give useful information through a recorded message 24/7.

  • Psychosexual counselling referrals – please call our central bookings service on 0333 300 2100
  • Complex contraception support – for contraception that cannot be offered within general practice i.e. complex or LARC if the practice doesn’t offer this directly please give patients the phone number/website address above

Aligned services (provided via Spectra and Metro)

  • Sexual health outreach, prevention and engagement (Wandsworth only)
    Delivering clinical interventions and behavioural change support at the first point of contact to people facing vulnerabilities and higher risk for their sexual health. This offers support and interventions for those with additional needs and can act as a bridge into mainstream services when appropriate.
  • Care and support for people living with HIV (Wandsworth only)
    Offering care to individuals diagnosed with HIV including professional services e.g. advice and advocacy /counselling / family care services.
  • C-Card young person’s condom distribution (Wandsworth and Richmond)
    Focusing on education, promotion and distribution of condoms to minimise STI transmission in 13 to 24 year olds. Condom collection will continue to be available from participating pharmacies and other sites.
  • Merton young people outreach (Merton only)
    Spectra will deliver the Check it Out service which is a specific young person’s (under 20s) outreach service for working with schools to deliver contraception and sexual health messages. They will also work with higher education colleges and other local community settings used by young people where our staff will provide clinical input such as EHC (emergency hormonal contraception), chlamydia and gonorrhoea screening, free condoms, pregnancy testing, alcohol and substance misuse advice, advice on sex and relationships and fast track referral to appropriate mainstream clinics as appropriate including chlamydia screening.
  • Chlamydia screening for young people (under the NCSP) (Wandsworth and Richmond)
    For residents aged 16-25 to access chlamydia and gonorrhoea screening through outreach, general practice and pharmacy. The service promotes screening to enable early diagnosis, treatment and partner notification and coordinates testing results from other services and sites.

HIV services

Whilst the new service will provide HIV testing and HIV post sexual exposure treatment (PEP) as part of its clinics specialist HIV clinic services for patients living with HIV remain provided by local hospitals. These services are commissioned separately by NHS England. In Wandsworth this is at the Courtyard Clinic at St George’s Hospital and there are also HIV services at Kingston Hospital

Substance misuse

Our substance misuse primary care nurse can see patients in the surgery who wish to address their drug or alcohol problems.

Out of hours

Care UK GP service looks after our patients who require urgent help when we are closed. Please call: 111 and your need will be assessed.

Test results

Please call reception on 020 8246 4070 to find out if your results are back. You should have been told how long each test is likely to take. They will be able to tell you what comment your GP has made, and what you need to do next.

Please make sure if several tests have been done that all of them are back. It is your responsibility to check your results, although we will contact you if we are concerned about a particular test result.

Please note: In accordance with confidentiality and data protection policy, we can only release test results to the patient concerned, except in certain special circumstances.

Travel services

Please see dedicated section on the website for full details.