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Heathbridge Practice health advice
Screening Programmes
  • Cancer Research
  • NHS

Detecting cancer early

Screening Programmes

Bowel Cancer

This is for all people in their 60s. For more information visit NHS Cancer Screening.

Breast Cancer

Mammograms are offered 3 yearly for all women aged over 50 years-old. You are called by South West London Breast Screening Service from 50-70 years-old and are entitled to continued screening every 3 years after that but you are asked to make follow-up appointments. For more information visit NHS Cancer Screening.

South West London Breast Screening Service
Appointment and enquiries: 020 8725 2723 / 4 / 5.

If you have reason to believe you are at higher risk for breast cancer, please discuss with your GP or check the above website.

Cervical Cancer

For all women aged 25-50 years old 3 yearly if no abnormal results and 50-64 years old 5 yearly.
For more information visit NHS Cancer Screening.

Prostate Cancer Risk Management

There is no screening programme but visit NHS Cancer Screening to help decide whether you would like a PSA test.

Testicular Cancer advice

For more information visit Cancer Reaserch UK.

Lifestyle and early symptoms

If you are interested in how certain lifestyle and early symptoms might affect your chances of certain cancers, visit QCancer.

Leading healthy lifestyle
  • NHS
  • Smokefree Wandsworth

Leading healthy lifestyle


Wondered how much is safe to drink? Do you know your units? Visit NHS Live Well. If you think you may need help cutting down or are finding it difficult, come and see any of our GPs. We can even refer to a clinic run in the practice to help people quit drinking who have alcohol dependence, called Fresh Start and run by Dr Bailey.

Healthy eating

Visit NHS Live Well.


Exercise needed for adults per week. Visit NHS Live Well.

Weight management – Are you overweight?

Do you know your Body Mass Index? Calculate it using the NHS Healthy Weight Caluculator.

If you are overweight or obese, try some of the tips on this link to lose weight visit NHS Live Well.

Stopping smoking?

You can book in with our nurses or Dr Ubayasiri in our practice OR call Smokefree Wandsworth freephone 0800 389 7921 or email or have a look at Our local pharmacies can also help you quit smoking – just pop into any of them for help. Remember, you are 4 times more likely to quit smoking for good if you seek professional help than go it alone.

Preventing heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease and dementia

If you are aged between 40 and 74 years-old you are eligible for an NHS healthcheck once every 5 years. At this we can check your cholesterol and blood pressure, weight, exercise levels, family history and alcohol intake to work out if you are more at risk of heart disease than other people your age. If your blood pressure is raised we will also check your kidney function and if you are overweight or there is a family history of diabetes, we will also screen you for diabetes. If your alcohol intake is raised, we can check your liver function. Visit NHS Health Check.

Sex and drugs
  • Talk To Frank

Sex and drugs


If you take any drugs and what to know more, have a look at which also has a free number to call for confidential advice.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

If you're in a new relationship or just think its time to have a check-up or have developed new symptoms, free, confidential appointments and treatment are available at or call 0208 487 6861 for an appointment.

Reproductive Sexual Health Clinics

Also known as Family Planning clinics – NHS Wandsworth Reproductive Sexual Health Helpline 020 8812 5666. Open 9-5pm Mon–Friday. For contraception such as combined or minipill or to discuss long acting reversible contraception such as injections, coils or implants. All are walk-in unless stated. Coils and implants are by appointment only and

  • Eileen Lecky Health Clinic, 2 Clarendon Drive, Putney, SW15 1AA.
    Tel (during clinic times only) 020 8544 6101.
    Tuesday 6:30-8pm.
    Wednesday 6:30-8pm.
  • Queen Mary's, 2nd Floor, Roehampton Clinic, SW15 5PN.
    Tel 020 8487 6861 (during clinic times only)
    Monday 7-8pm.
    Thursday 6:15-7:45pm.
  • Under 19s Queen Mary's.
    Monday 3pm-5:15pm,
    The Point, GUM Dept, Roehampton Lane, SW15 5PN.
Starting a family
  • NHS

Starting a family

Trying to fall pregnant.

Visit NHS Live Well.

If you are male, having been trying for over a year and have discussed with a GP about doing a sperm test. Visit Kingston Semen Analysis to register and book appointment for analysis.

If female, please look at 'Planning to become Pregnant' if you are trying or are newly pregnant.

Once pregnant

If you have missed your period and have done a positive home pregnancy test, then congratulations, you are pregnant! You can self-refer to Kingston Hospital or Chelsea and Westminster Hospital using the online booking forms for whichever hospital you prefer as soon as you know you are pregnant. Please let us know if you have done this.

Remember to let us know also that you are pregnant so we can offer you flu and whooping cough vaccines and complete your prescription exemption form.

Are you a carer?

Are you a carer?

Stay healthy

If so, as you are no doubt fully aware, it is essential you stay healthy. There are things we can do to help. You are eligible for a free influenza vaccine annually. We can provide with you a Carers' health check annually also. There are a number of websites worth checking to make sure you are getting all the support, benefits, access to respite etc. to which you are entitled:

Mental health
  • Big White Wall

Mental health

Self Refer

If you think you may be suffering from anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), eating disorders and relationship difficulties, you can self refer to Wandsworth Psychological Therapies and Wellbeing Service by ringing 0203 513 6264. Visit Wandsworth IAPT.

Online Support

Access to online support for a wide range of psychological problems is available FREE to Wandsworth residents through Just use your postcode to log in and gain free access.

Alternative Websites

Alternative websites to help with depression are: