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    Confirmation of pregnancy please contact your local pharmacy for pregnancy testing kits.  Routine Antenatal Checks (usually at 24, 31, 38 weeks): Please contact our care navigator team to book and our Antenatal clinic is available on Wednesday afternoon.  Pertussis (Whooping Cough): Usually at 24 week check-up.  If you are newly pregnant :  Congratulations! Make sure you are taking Vitamin D & Folic Acid supplements. You can self-refer to the main hospitals e.g. Chelsea & Westminster or Kingston Hospital. Once done, the scan at 12-13 weeks will happen automatically. The midwives will arrange to see you at 9-10 weeks. But here is some info to read beforehand St George's Hospital Maternity online referral link/ form Chelsea and Westminster Hospital  Kingston Hospital Vitamin C Folic Acid supplements Covid vaccination is considered safe when trying to conceive or breastfeeding but please read the leaflet. In pregnancy, you can be vaccinated if high risk - click for more information.  Travelling in Pregnancy Air travel and pregnancy patient information leaflet Additional Support :  Wandsworth council Wandsworth Children's services Little Village Maternity certificate (MAT B1) Pregnancy due date calculator Maternity exemption certificates (Prescription) Sure start maternity grant claim form Paternity Pay and leave ** For urgent or medical issue in pregnancy please contact the surgery and speak to our care navigator team. ** Page last reviewed : 2 October 2022 Next Review due : 2 October 2023
    Please book an appointment to see our Nurse Practitioner, Jo Flint. # AskAboutAsthma 2022 - Support for children and young people please click here
  • B12
    Please book with our Health Care Assistant Lesley Costa or Donna Taylor
    Please book an appointment to see any of our Nurses
  • BLOOD TEST (Phlebotomy)
    Blood tests have a wide range of uses and are one of the most common types of medical test. Click here for more information. For example, a blood test can be used to: assess your general state of health check if you have an infection see how well certain organs, such as the liver and kidneys, are working screen for certain genetic conditions Most blood tests only take a few minutes to complete and are carried out at your GP surgery or local hospital by a doctor, nurse or phlebotomist (a specialist in taking blood samples). How do I get my results ? Please use NHS APP to access your results. The clinician who has reviewed the results will make a comment about whether any action is required. Telephone If you don't have access to the internet or a smart phone, then you can still call the practice and speak to our care navigator team from 10:00 am. We will only contact you about results that require action. Please check your test results according to the timescales below: Blood tests, swab tests and stool samples : 7 days How to obtain my hospital test results ? Results are not automatically forwarded to the practice if they have been requested by a hospital clinician. It may not be appropriate for the clinicians at the practice to be interpreting hospital tests. Please call the hospital clinic that organised the test to follow up the results. Click here for hospitals contact information. If you wish to access results on behalf of a patient, please click here .
    If you have been told to do this then see one of our HCAs
  • BP 24HR
    Please book an appointment to see any of our Health Care Assistants
    Please book an appointment to see our Nurses (please bring the RED BOOK)
    Please see any of our Nurses
    Please book an appointment to see any of our Nurses
    Please book an appointment with our Nurses (Please book bloods with our Health Care Assistants one week prior)
    Our care navigator team can also offer you an appointment for wound dressings in late afternoon, evening and weekend at the following two locations (By Appointment only). Enhanced Primary care Hub at Queen Mary's Hospital The enhanced primary care hub at Queen Mary’s Hospital is here for anyone with injuries such as burns, sprains, broken bones, cuts, bruises and wounds. The hub has been established as the previous urgent treatment centre (formerly known as the minor injuries unit) was suspended as it was not possible to run it under strict Covid-19 guidelines. The service offers appointments with Emergency Practitioners, specialised in assessing and treating minor injuries and minor illnesses. Adults and children over the age of two years old can be seen by appointment only seven days a week from 8am to 8pm. To book an appointment to see an Emergency Practitioner, please call 0208 725 0120. Your telephone call will be answered by a navigator who will make sure you are suitable for the service and will book you an appointment where possible. Booking – Please contact the above number or Heathbridge Practice care navigator team Location : Queen Mary's Hospital, Roehampton Lane, London, SW15 5PN The Junction Health Centre In addition to the wound dressing service at Queen Mary's Hospital, wound dressing service also available at The Junction Health Centre. The wound dressing clinics Centre open every Saturday and Sunday at The Junction between the hours of 9am and 4pm. Location : Junction Health Centre, The Arches, 5-8 Grant Road, London SW11 2NU The wound dressings clinic Service Exclusions Patients under 16 years Complex wounds where secondary care is providing treatment in an outpatient setting Domiciliary appointments Acute Head injuries 2nd degree burns Complex care for example: vasculitis, sickle Diabetic ulcers where there is no care plan from the specialist podiatrist service Fungated wounds Pressure ulcers Leg ulcers Booking – Please contact Heathbridge Practice care navigator team Clinics opening hours – Saturday & Sunday from 9am to 4pm. By appointment only. Important note - You must to bring your own dressings, please contact your local pharmacy for supply. Husbands pharmacy - 124 upper Richmond road, London, SW15 2SP Putney Pharmacy - 278 Upper Richmond road, London, SW15 6TQ Paydens Pharmacy - 266A Upper Richmond road, London, SW15 6TQ Page last reviewed: 28 September 2022
    Please contact our care navigator team to refer you. Two referral options : Referral to TympaHealth Service for microsuction (suck the wax out). What is TympaHealth ? Please click here Please inform our care navigator team of your Preferred pharmacy location. Putney Pharmacy East Chemist Wandsworth Pharmacy Aura Pharmacy Please note: Our care navigator team can only refer you to the service if you are 16 years old and over. 2. Referral to see our health care assistant Lesley Costa or Charlene Watts for Ear Irrigation (flush the wax out with water) Prior to your appointment, you must have used ear softening drops for 10 days. Please contact your local pharmacy for ear softening drops. Additional information : Earwax build-up Minor health conditions and self care Medicines and treatments are available to buy over the counter for minor health conditions Prescribing of over the counter medicines is changing Page last reviewed : 02 October 2022 Next review due : 02 October 2023
  • ECG
    Please book an appointment to see any of our Health Care Assistants
    Please book an appointment to see Dr Katherine Barnes in the baby clinic
    Book with our Nurse Practitioner
    Please await your invitation to one of our Flu Clinics if you're eligible.
    Please book an appointment to see any of our Health Care Assistants (Please ensure you are over 40 years old)
    Please book with any of our Health Care Assistants
    If you need an interpreter, please book ahead with the receptionist.
    Please book an appointment to see one of our Doctors: Dr Christopher Allen, Dr Tom Bailey or Dr Paul Hallett.
    If you think you need something removed, please click on this link and tell us about and attach some photos:
    Please book an appointment to see Dr. Chris Allen.
    Please book an appointment to see any of our Healthcare Assistants
    Please book a double appointment to see any of our GPs 6-8 weeks after having your baby. Your baby should be booked into the Baby Clinic for their physical check and first immunisations once they are 8 weeks of age or more.
    Please book an appointment to see any of our Nurses
    Please book an appointment to see any of our Nurses
    Please click on this link and tell us about it and attach photos:
    Please send an online request to book for a smear and we will send you a link to book when we have confirmed your screening is due within the next 3 months.
    Please book an appointment to see our Healthcare Assistants, Lesley Costa or Charlene Watts.
    Please book an appointment to see our Healthcare Assistant, Lesley Costa
    Please book an appointment to see any of our Nurses
    Please make an appointment to see either: Nurse Lisa Smellie Mrs Jo Filnt (Nurse Practitioner) Dr Bailey or Dr Ubayasiri
  • Private fees for Non-NHS services
    Private fees for Non-NHS services When your doctor is asked to give medical information about you in the form of a report, letter or certificate, the request kick starts a series of processes. This takes time and is not always straightforward or simple to complete. Some of the information is not available easily and will mean the doctor has to sort and select the right information for the request. The doctor also must establish who is funding this work and if it is not part of their NHS work, agree a fee for this. Surely the work is paid for by the NHS? Many patients see their doctor as the embodiment of the NHS and all that it provides – free care at the point of delivery. However not all work doctors are asked to do is paid for by the NHS and many GPs are self-employed. This means they must cover their time and costs - staff, buildings, heating, lighting, etc - in the same way as any small business. The NHS only pays for NHS work, any work outside of the NHS must be funded by other means and this is why fees are charged. Why does it take so long? Your doctor receives large amounts of request and which is often to do with whether your general health allows you to do something e.g. to work, receive benefits, drive, play sport, attend school, own a house, a firearm or it is for insurance, court or other medico-legal reasons. All requests will vary in complexity, volume and consistency ranging from signing a certificate which can take minutes, to an in-depth report with an examination that can take hours. What your doctor is signing When your doctor signs a certificate or completes a report, it is a condition of remaining on the Medical Register that they only sign what they know to be true. In order to complete even the simplest of forms, they may have to check your entire medical record (some of which may not be accessible on a computer or on site). Carelessness or an inaccurate report can have serious consequences for the doctor with the General Medical Council (the doctors' regulatory body) or even the Police. Why does my doctor seem reluctant or say no to this request? Your doctor is inundated with work. They have to balance their time with treating the sick, keeping their practice afloat and making sure they are doing all of this safely and within their professional duties as a doctor. With certain exceptions written within their contract, doctors do not have to carry out non-NHS work. However, many choose to for the benefit of you and other families they treat. Where a doctor chooses to undertake the work, we advise them to inform and always agree a fee in advance of undertaking work. Should their volume of work prove to be greater or more complex than expected, the doctor will contact you to discuss how to proceed. What can I do to help? Not all documents need a signature by a doctor and can be done by other professionals. Please check the form and accompanying guidance as you may get a quicker response that way. If you have several forms requiring completion, present them all at once and ask your doctor if he or she is prepared to complete them at the same time to speed up the process. Do not expect your GP to process forms overnight. Urgent requests may mean that a doctor has to make special arrangements to process the form quickly, and this will cost more. Don’t book an appointment with your doctor to complete forms without checking with your doctor’s administrative staff as to whether you need to or not. CERTIFICATES/ FORMS/ LETTERS From £40 Proof of Registration letter Please submit your request in here £40 Private sicknote/ certificate Please submit your request in here £40 BUPA/ AXA etc insurance claim form Please email the claim form to £40 Fit to exercise letter Please submit your request in here From £40 Fitness to fly/ travel letter Please submit your request in here £40 Pregnancy Fit to fly letter Click here to read the information first Please submit your request in here £40 Letter for housing/ PIP support Please submit your request in here £40 Pre employment medical i.e. HGV Please speak to our care navigator team or leave your medical forms to our front of house care navigator. From £140 Insurance medical report Please email the report to From £150 Fitness medical Please email the form to From £40 Holiday cancellation letter/ certificate Please email the letter/ certificate to £40 Private GP consultation, including prescription Please speak to our care navigator team £90 Medicals for diving Service currently not available N/A Alternatively, you can also contact local hospitals for private GP service. Parkside Hospital Priavte GP Surgery St Georges Hospital, Private Patient Service Kingston Hospital Private Health How do I track the progress of my Non-NHS service request. Once you have made the request for Non-NHS service then you should be able to see the information from NHS APP, Either in consultation or document section, under GP health records. You should receive an email from with an attachment of your invoice. For bank transfer payment, please use your invoice number as transfer reference. Once your invoice has been paid then you should receive an email with your receipt attached. If your request needs an in-person appointment to see a GP, then we shall contact you as soon as your invoice has been paid. You must email us to confirm that you have made a Full payment to your invoice to avoid any delay in the process. Your request should take 7 -10 working days for completion then we will email the document to your registered email address. Once your report/ letter/ claim form is ready then you can access the document from NHS APP under GP health records then select document to access the file. For payment options : You can pay via bank transfer (Please see your invoice ), contactless, Credit/ Debit Card payment at Reception desk. Please note : We DO NOT accept any credit card payment from American Express.
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