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Our next PPG meeting is on:

Tuesday, 25th July 2023 ,

From 10:00 to 11:00


We have an active Patient Participation Group (PPG) who have regular meetings to discuss ways of improving patient care and services, and learn more about the running of the practice. If you have any suggestions you would like discussed, you can put them in the comments book held at reception, or write to the Practice Manager, Jay Francisco.

MR POH LEE ( Patient Group Co-Chair, October 2022) 


I am putting myself forward as a candidate for the co-chair role of the PPG Heathbridge.


My experience in sales and having dealt with people from diverse cultures and walks of life in my personal and working life through service. 


What has taken my interest is about doing something for the local community with Heathbridge, my local practice. Promoting and creating community awareness with patients, carers, local voluntary and community groups including local Healthwatch. 


Improving the communication channels with activities that support good participation encourages patient members of the practice to take greater responsibility for their own health and their family's health. Patient and carer priorities and issues.

An ongoing communication with the patient population. 


Thank you for your time and consideration.


MRS JOSEPHINE JONES (Patient Group Co-Chair, October 2022)

My varied career background is that of an ex-medical student (1 year), ex-official at the Bank of England (25 years) and am currently working as a Theatre Administrator at an independent school (18 years). I was also the prime carer for my elderly mother who lived with us for 18 years. I come from a medical family and have therefore had experience of the NHS from many directions (including my own health). I have strong organisational and communication skills. I have been a patient of the Heathbridge Practice in its many guises for around 35 years and am happy to assist the PPG


PPG Welcome letter

For more information on joining CLICK HERE.



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